Sports massage is basically massage with some tekky stretches and techniques thrown in for good measure. please pay attention there will be an exam after this class.

During a treatment we will see what pesky muscles, joints or tendons are being a pain, assess and treat accordingly to get rid of the rather annoying scar tissue, strain, sprain and painnn.

I carry out  a thorough postural assessment that with history taking takes around 45 minutes to one hour on the first appointment. I will then book in the next appointment.

There are 3 types of strain from a minor tear, partial grade 2 strain to a complete grade 3 rupture. NOT NICE!

Early intervention are the initial injury ( inflammatory response, put ice on it until pain or swelling goes away) or when you get a niggle will stop a strain becoming a pain and stop you in your tracks, BOOO.

We will then move into the repair or proliferative ( not chocolate profiteroles although they are rather good) phase of the injury which will lead to a reduction in scar tissue and increase blood flow, healing, tissue tensile strength, relevant exercises to help re strengthen and lengthen your sarcormeres and miyofibrils (MUSCLES!) which will lead to maximum exercise loading or full functional fitness, Yippee!

Initial appointments consist of taking a proper history of the issue, thorough examination, assessment, treatment, aftercare advice. Follow up appointments more time will be able be given to treatment as you improve we could do more work in the gym with rehab and strengthening.

To make an appointment, ask about your condition or for more information do feel free to contact me via the gym, phone, e mail or telegram.

Kind Regards